What are the terms of use for premium databases?

We have the simplest and most liberal terms of use of any data provider in the world.  Most premium databases come with several license tiers - single user, startup, institutional and developer:

  • Single user licenses allow you to do almost anything you want with the data, short of redistributing it.  
  • Startup licenses allow startups to use and share data, but not resell it in bulk.
  • Institutional licenses allow entire organizations to use and share data.  
  • Developer licenses include full redistribution rights.
Terms of Use are available in simple, human-readable form: just click on the green "View Pricing" button on any premium database page. You will then see the licenses available. To view the Terms of Use for each license, hover you over the license tier so that a small popup box appears, then click "Full License" in the popup box. 
Transparent no-nonsense licensing is one of our core principles. 

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