What is Quandl's nomenclature system for data?

Quandl has optimized data feeds for one of two different formats: 1) Time-series and 2) Tables.

To learn more about these two formats, please see here.

Each data feed on Quandl has a short (3-to-6 character) ID known as Quandl codes. For example:

  • Federal Reserve Economic Data (time-series): FRED
  • End of Day US Stock Prices (time-series): EOD
  • Core US Fundamentals (tables): SF1
  • Continuous Futures (table): SCF

Time-series data feeds, such as FRED or EOD, contain many individual time-series which have their own Quandl codes appended to the parent Quandl code, like this:

US civilian unemployment rate:  FRED/UNRATE
End of day stock prices for Apple: EOD/AAPL

Tables data feeds, such as SF1 or SCF, contain one or more tables which have their own Quandl codes. For example:

Core US Fundamentals is a collection of tables and the Quandl code for each individual table is shown here. The Quandl code for the Core US Fundamentals table is SHARADAR/SF1, the Quandl code for the Tickers and Metadata table is SHARADAR/TICKERS, the Quandl code for the Indicator Descriptions table is SHARADAR/INDICATORS and so on.

Continuous Futures is made of only one table called Continuous Futures, as shown here. The Quandl code for this table is SCF/PRICES