Do you have data for international stocks?

Yes - we provide data for international stocks. Please see the data feeds listed below.

Stock Prices
See data feeds from Exchange Data International here. Click on each data feed, and view the Documentation tab for each data feed to learn more about what they cover. View the Data tab for each data feed to see sample datasets for each feed.

1. Robur Global Select Stock Fundamentals (see here)
This data feed covers 70+ harmonized financials, ratios, forecasts for 8,000+ most liquid global stocks. Focus on Asia/Europe.

2. Mergent Global Fundamentals (see here)
This data feed covers 50+ fundamental indicators, including derived margins and ratios, for 11,000+ companies in 67 countries as covered by the Russell Global Index. Includes auditor status for each company.

3. Japanese Company Fundamentals
(see here)
This data feed covers over 2,500 fundamental indicators for more than 4,500 Japanese companies sourced from the Japanese Financial Services Agency.

4. WVB Global Fundamentals Data (see here)
This data feed covers over 200 essential fundamental data items, key financial ratios, and growth metrics for over 55,000 active global public industrial companies. 

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