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Data Info

Data Coverage

What data does Quandl cover? Subject areas, data types and coverage limits.

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More About Data

Data sources, quality, organization, accuracy and timeliness.

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Downloading Data

Downloading Data

How to download or export Quandl data. Formats, integrations, libraries and more.

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Using Quandl from Python

How to get Quandl data directly into your Python program.

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Using Quandl from R

How to get data from Quandl directly into your R program.

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Usage Rules

Rate limits, authentication, redistribution and other terms of use for the API.

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Dataset and database downloads, search, authentication, versioning.

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A few simple, universal API usage examples to get you started.

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Excel Add-In


Installing the Excel Add-In; confirming your user ID and access credentials.

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Basic Use

Downloading one or more datasets using the Excel Add-In, for one or more dates.

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Advanced Use

Customizing your data download, spreadsheet functions, dashboards, and data upload.

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Buying Data

Premium Data

All about premium data. How it differs from open data; who it is for; how it is used.

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Buying Data

How to buy data on Quandl. Common billing and support questions.

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